7 Easy Recipes To Make Burgers At Home

7 Easy Recipes To Make Burgers At Home

Burgers, for foodies, can be the perfect slump-day friends, weekend dates and weekday mood boosters. These can be stamped as one of the greatest comfort foods of the decade. The German food, which originated in Hamburg, has become a go-to meal in different parts of the world today. With its rising popularity, wouldn’t it be nice to fix our own burgers? We can ditch the order-in once in a while and settle for these easy recipes in our kitchen. Here’s a list to help you fix your next burger without much fuss.

Here Are 7 Burger Recipes To  Easily Make At Home

1.Chicken Burger

The most popular burger of all time makes it to the top of our list. If we thought cooking a chicken burger was hard, leave those fears. Minced chicken tikki slapped between buttered buns are as easy to cook as to gorge down.

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2.Tofu Burger

Tofus are getting popular too and it would be unfair to leave them out of our burgers. Mix tofu, nuts and vegetables to make a delectable patty for this burger.


Yummy burger to have

3.Juicy Lamb Burger

Red meat lovers can’t settle down for anything less than a juicy lamb burger. The good news is that we can make it at home. Put lamb keema patties with lettuce and onions between burger buns for this fun delight.


Make this juicy burger

4.Vegetable Burger

Vegetable burgers can be a riot of flavours with a mix of French beans, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and spices. The patties are full of nutrients and can be the perfect way to make kids devour vegetables.


Easy burger to make

5.Chickpea Burger

This protein-rich burger is another healthy choice for fussy eaters. The crisp chickpea patties in these burgers are a delicious meal. Don’t forget to spice them well.


Make it with your leftover veggies

6.Idli Burger

Confused about what to do with last day’s idlis? Just turn them into a burger filling. Use up the red and green chutney too and throw in vegetables to boost the flavours. It’s the perfect way to satiate hunger.

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7.Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Slider

Although it sounds unlikely to add jackfruit into burgers, the idea may turn into a good dish. This slider recipe is a vegetarian version of the pulled pork slider. Rest assured, this easy dish can startle you with its yummy taste.

Make these yummy burgers and let us know how you liked them!