7 Easy Roll Recipes To Prepare On A Lazy Weeknight

On some days, you have the zeal to whip up a lavish feast, but on other days, you barely manage the motivation to make the simple dal chawal. And more than often, these dal chawal nights are the weeknights. After a full day of work, we really don’t have the luxury to choose between an easy meal or a delicious one and automatically end up choosing the former. Now, what if we told you that not every quick dish asks you to make those sacrifices and that you can actually make a weeknight meal that is oh-so-easy, tastes divine, but doesn’t take up hours? Well before you start the guessing game, let us tell you that this dish is none other than the humble roll.

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From spring rolls to Kathi rolls, Indian streets are lined with roll corners serving juicy and succulent rolls and wrap to us since forever. But did you know that you can easily make quite similar delicacies right in your kitchen? The best part is that you can make it from scratch or just use some leftover rotis and your finger-licking dinner is ready. Read these 7 easy recipes to make a weeknight meal that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Easy Dinner Recipes: 7 Easy Rolls Recipes That You May Try For weekday Dinner:

1. Spring roll :

This crunchy fried roll filled with a flavorful cabbage filling has been one of our top go-to veg roll options since forever. Make them easily at home with basic ingredients like maida and cabbages. Read the recipe here.

2. Sooji Spring rolls :

A quick Indian spin to the above spring roll, sooji spring roll tastes just us delicious with the spicy filling of potatoes and veggies but minus the maida. This is perfect for breakfast or dinner and is so easy and healthy that you will end up making this every other day, read the recipe here.


Sprig rolls are a beloved snack popular with everyone

3. Paneer tikka roll :

Everyone loves a plate of hot and spicy paneer tikka and what better way to sneak those in your diet than to make an easy dinner option out of them? This paneer tikka roll can be made from scratch or using leftover paneer tikkas or roti. Read the recipe here.

chicken roll

Paneer tikka roll is the crowd favorutiet go-to veg roll option

4. Mughlai Paneer egg roll :

Whenever we think of Mughlai, we think of rich and luxurious tasting dishes and this paneer egg roll does complete justice to that description. Loaded with eggs and paneer, it is a protein-packed delicious roll that you can easily make with leftover roti too. Read the recipe here.

5. Chicken Kathi roll :

Kathi rolls are a crowd favorite when it comes to veg or non-veg options and this easy chicken Kathi roll tastes just like the streets and can be made in under an hour. All you require is some chicken tikka pieces, maida, coriander, some chopped veggies, and this delish dish is ready to be served. Read about it here.

6. Mutton Kathi roll :

Another favorite Kathi roll option is this mutton Kathi roll made with juicy mutton pieces coated in masalas and wrapped in a fluffy anda paratha. Serve it with mint chutney and watch as everyone devours it in seconds. Read the recipe here.


Chicken Kathi roll is the go-to non-veg roll option for everyone

7. Minced Chicken Rolls Wrapped In Spinach Leaves :

If you want to enjoy a delicious roll but are trying to avoid maida, don’t worry we got you covered too. This juicy minced chicken spinach roll is filling, nutritious, and melt-in-the-mouth. Read the recipe here.

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There you have it, 7 easy roll recipes that you can make on any day and every day. Let us know which one is your favorite, in the comments below.