America’s Biggest Grocery Chain Is About to Offer This Fast-Food Service

America’s Biggest Grocery Chain Is About to Offer This Fast-Food Service

They recently took a strong stance on the quality of their chicken products, and now they’re about to make your access to fast food more convenient. This supermarket chain with 2,800 stores in 35 states recently announced a revolutionary new partnership that might make your grocery trip a little tastier.

Kroger hosted an earnings report on Friday, where, according to Marketplace, the major supermarket chain revealed that grocery spend has dropped in recent months, since a lot of consumers have forgone the kitchen to get out of the house. Apparently in response to these ever-shifting, pandemic-related consumer patterns, Kroger announced in August that they’re soon bringing “ghost kitchens” inside some Kroger stores.

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For traditional fast-food guests or grocery shoppers, the ghost kitchen concept might seem foreign—however, it’s catching on quickly. In a ghost kitchen, several restaurant brands can offer their own menu items under one roof, and a small kitchen staff works across all those brands to fill customer orders that are generated through a kiosk or other electronic point-of-service device.

It doesn’t appear there’s word just yet on which fast-food brands Kroger will offer in-store. However, to launch this service they’ve partnered with Kitchen United MIX, whose current operations offer brands like Greenleaf salads, Trejo’s Tacos, and Siri Express Indian cuisine. It’s said the Kitchen United MIX collab will allow Kroger stores to offer up to six fast-food brands within a single supermarket.

With Supermarket News having reported in August that the first Kitchen United MIX will open at a Los Angeles Ralph’s (a subsidiary of Kroger) this fall, Dan De La Rosa, group vice president of fresh merchandising at Kroger, said in a statement that all this is a part of the grocery giant’s mission to keep up with customers’ evolving tastes. “Our customers’ appetite for fresh, on-demand meals continues to accelerate, and we remain focused on offering new and innovative products that provide anything, anytime, anywhere,” said De La Rosa, adding: “Our partnership with Kitchen United taps into restaurants’ growing use of off-premise kitchen space to increase customers’ access to their favorite foods.”

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