Blue Apron’s new Heat & Eat meals are perfect for fall

Blue Apron’s new Heat & Eat meals are perfect for fall

The office is back in person, school is in session, the dog needs a walk and you just remembered… dinner isn’t made yet.

If any of the above sounds all too familiar, we have an idea for you that will save time and energy but won’t compromise on taste or the beauty of a hot meal for dinner. Blue Apron, one of our tried and tested meal kit companies, now has a new way to handle busy days.

Introducing their new line of Heat & Eat meals, single servings of Blue Apron’s favorite recipes now in a ready-made and microwavable package. The meals come straight to your door on a subscription basis, just like the traditional meal kit does, but eliminates the need for prep and cleanup as the food takes just under five minutes to heat up.

If this already sounds too good to be true for your busy schedule, for a limited time, new subscribers can get up to 14 free meals, with a savings of $110 over your first four boxes. For those familiar with the original meal kits, the ready-made meals are priced the same, with the two-serving plan starting at $8.99 per serving and a four-serving plan starting at $7.49 per serving.

Three trays of Blue Apron meals and a bowl of Asian noodles
Blue Apron

If you’re somehow not starving to try these meals ASAP, we’ll tempt your tastebuds even more, with a sneak peek at the three tasty options currently available to order right now, including some of the highest-rated meals spanning the globe of cuisine.

Starting off with some Mexican food, enjoy a cheesy Guajillo chicken and rice dish with corn, black beans and peppers, then travel to Asia for a soy-miso chicken and udon noodle meal, served with bok choy and mushrooms. Finally, head to Italy for Blue Apron’s beloved Calabrian chile meatballs with mashed potatoes, green beans and lemon-caper butter.

Find these meals and more on the Blue Apron site, choosing the Heat & Eat options on your weekly menu once signed up for an account. Plus, for those new to the subscription meal service, sign up now and get $110 off across your first 4 boxes, or up to 14 meals free when using the button below.