Columbus CEO Future 50 raising funds for community food access project

Columbus CEO Future 50 raising funds for community food access project
Columbus CEO Future 50 raising funds for community food access project

Filling the fridges of all our neighbors is the focus of a new community project led by members of Columbus CEO’s Future 50.

The food access project team has a goal to place and fill 10 community refrigerators with produce and pre-prepared foods in high-need neighborhoods. The fridges will be sheltered and secured in outdoor areas adjacent to nonprofit site partners, managed by food stocking partners, and will be accessible by neighbors in need 24/7.

Modeled after an international grassroots effort, community refrigerators may reduce the barriers that get in the way of accessing healthy food options, including transportation, price, timing and stigma.

Food deserts are found all around Columbus where supermarkets or grocery stores are scarce, which directly contributes to food insecurity. These areas may instead have more convenience stores which are more likely to sell processed, shelf-stable goods rather than fresh produce. As a result, residents may have to travel to find healthy food, which can be more challenging for those without reliable access to transportation.

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Three nonprofit organizations have already committed to be site partners for the refrigerators, including Franklinton Board of Trade/Franklinton Development Association, Reeb Avenue Center and Star House. Site partners will offer easily accessible space to make this program a reality. Additional community fridges will be located in the some of the areas identified as having the highest rate of healthy food scarcity by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

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“When we were approached about this initiative through the Columbus CEO Future 50 Program, it immediately made sense from the perspective of both Franklinton Board of Trade (FBOT) and Franklinton Special Improvement District (FSID) to be a partner,” said Trent Smith, executive director of the Franklinton Board of Trade. “Both organizations are working to advocate for and assist the community in multiple ways, and this request clicked with us. We look forward to seeing it all come together to assist the families and individuals in Franklinton who have nutritional needs that are not being met otherwise.”