Elephant shows off her trunk skills while looking for food in the forest. Viral video

Do you like videos featuring elephants? If yes, we have a treat for you. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust posted a 29-second clip of Olorien showing off her trunk skills in the forest, and it is just so cute. Olorien was rescued last year by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.

In the short clip, Olorien walked through a forest and twisted her trunk while selecting plants and shrubs, and lifted them with effortless ease.

“Twist and Lift! Olorien shows off her trunks skills, out browsing in the forest. For all her reserved ways, she has a real love of life, and food! It’s all the more heartening considering she was rescued as a starved orphan infant,” Sheldrick Wildlife Trust said in the caption of his post.

Watch the video here:

The short clip is swiftly going viral with over 4,000 views and collected several likes as well. In the comments section, people gushed over Olorien.

“What a dedicated foodie little Olorien is!! And those trunk skills are legendary!! Dexterous, purposeful, and skilled! Olorien certainly knows what she wants,” a social media user said. Another comment reads, “So beautiful and precious.”

See the comments here:

So sweet!

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