Fast Food Restaurants We DON’T Have in Michigan

Fast Food Restaurants We DON’T Have in Michigan

Michiganders have love affairs with a lot more than just each other. We love our food. I mean, we don’t just like it, or treat it as a necessity…..we love, crave, need, desire, and demand the food we enjoy. This isn’t just some casual relationship…Michiganders and food go together like Cheech & Chong, Bartles & Jaymes, Hall & Oates, Elton & John…and burgers & fries.

We love our food so much, that it’s a catastrophe when a favorite restaurant closes down…or the grocery store runs out of your favorite cookie…or a food or drink is discontinued by the company. We protest, we complain on the internet, we bellyache loudly to the poor schmuck grocery clerk who has to check us out…and does that help? Nope.

Many of our favorites are long gone and not coming back. But there are a good handful of fast food joints that we still don’t have in Michigan. What are they? Glad I asked.

According to Mlive, here are eight fast food restaurants we don’t have in Michigan:

Eight Fast Food Restaurants NOT in Michigan

There are a couple of other fast food joints that hadn’t been in Michigan for years, but recently popped up: Portillo’s hot dogs and Shake Shack. A couple of others we don’t have yet are Raising Cain’s (main dish, chicken – closest one is in Strongsville, Ohio) and Waffle House (closest is in Toledo).

This is obviously not a complete list…got any others you wanna mention?

Yessir, we here in Michigan dig fast food – no two ways about it. And you can bet that there will be more new ones popping up over the next number of years…maybe even some of the ones on this list. If so, I’ll lobby for Nathan’s, In-N-Out, and Jack-in-the-Box. I mean, how can we NOT have a ‘Jack-in-the-Box’?

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