High Protein Diet : 7 Protein-Packed Khichdi Recipes To Put Together A Wholesome Meal

High Protein Diet : 7 Protein-Packed Khichdi Recipes To Put Together A Wholesome Meal

The very thought of comfort food reminds us of khichdi. Isn’t it? Simple, satisfying and scrumptious, a hearty bowl of khichdi speaks volumes about both health and taste. It is a one-pot meal made with dal and chawal and is often spruced up with a desi tadka and a generous dollop of ghee. However, khichdi is one such dish that doesn’t follow any strict recipe. You can make it with different types of lentils, grains and veggies. From moong dal and arhar dal to oats and sprouts – we make khichdi using every ingredient possible. Besides, khichdi is so easy to make and requires just a handful of ingredients for preparation. That’s not all. Khichdi is also deemed to be enriched with a pool of health benefitting nutrients. Subsequently, it cools our stomach and helps boost metabolism for overall goodness.

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Considering its goodness and popularity, we found you some unique khichdi recipes that will load you up with protein and other healthy nutrients. Take a look.

High-Protein Diet: Here’re 5 Protein-Rich Khichdi Recipes That You Can Add To Your Daily Diet :

1. Oats Khichdi

Oats need no introduction. It is a storehouse of nutrients and has several health benefits. We found you an oats khichdi recipe that is a delicious, protein-rich and fulfilling to the core. Alongside oats, the khichdi also packs the goodness of moong dal and other mild spices. Click here for the recipe.

2. Khili Hui Khichdi

If you are on diet and looking for something desi and satiating, then this recipe will perfectly fit your bill. Made with the goodness of three types of lentils, this khichdi recipe can do wonders for your health. Here’s the recipe for you to try at home.


3. Arhar Dal Khichdi

A quintessential khichdi recipe, this dish is prepared in almost every household. This recipe contains protein and fibre that curb the unwanted hunger pangs and keeps you full for long. Besides being protein-rich, arhar dal is a storehouse of vitamins C, E and K, making this dish healthier than ever. Click here for the recipe.


4. Sprouts Khichdi

Have you tried sprouts khichdi yet? This recipe includes protein-packed sprouts along with nutritious soya bean chunks and lobia. These ingredients make the dish ideal for a light yet fulfilling meal. The best part is you can prepare it in under 10-15 minutes. Click here for the recipe.


5. Daliya Khichdi

Just like poha, daliya has been a persistent breakfast meal in almost every Indian household. Here’s a recipe that brings the goodness of daliya and khichdi together and churns out a perfect high protein lunch meal for all. Wondering how? Here’s the recipe for you.


6. Palak Khichdi

Palak (spinach) is a powerhouse of nutrients like iron, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Besides palak, this recipe also includes various other ingredients including veggies like peas, cauliflower etc. Here’s the recipe for you.


7. Methi-Moong Dal Khichdi

Protein-rich, low-calorie moong dal, along with methi leaves, is considered a good food for diabetes. Also, this recipe is made by using brown rice instead of white rice, making it yet healthier. Click here for the recipe.

Pair these nutritious and delicious khichdi with dahi ka raita, achaar or chutney and put together a wholesome meal in no time. Try out these recipes at home and let us know how you liked them in the comments section below.