How are Five Guys fries made? Louisiana TikToker leaks fast-food secret!

How are Five Guys fries made? Louisiana TikToker leaks fast-food secret!

Ever wondered how Five Guys fries are made? A chef at the fast-food chain recently took to TikTok to share the process – it could surprise you!

The ‘Five Guys fries’ TikTok has since gone viral.

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Louisiana chef spills fast-food secret

Going by the handle @maezthegreat, a Five Guys employee spilled the process of making Five Guys fries via TikTok.

The short clip now boasts a hefty 2.4M likes and over 14M views!

How are Five Guys fries made?

The big question. What makes the fries at Five Guys so tasty?

Well, the fast-food franchise only use high-quality potatoes from Idaho, grown above the 42nd parallel.

The potatoes are washed, sliced, and then put into a three-minute power wash to remove the starch.

The final step might surprise you. The potatoes are then fried in peanut oil! Five Guys’ fries are always twice-fried, once to pre-cook for two and a half minutes, and then another to give them that crisp that we all know and love.

For an added touch, Five Guys workers shake their fries 15 times exactly before being served.

In talks with Food Republic back in 2016, Chad Murrell (son of the founder) said: “We’ve perfected the process now, so all our potatoes are Burbanks from Idaho except for two months of the year, when the Idaho potatoes are too soft for us to fry in peanut oil since they absorb too much. Then we use ‘gap potatoes,’ Norkotahs out of Washington.”

No wonder Five Guys’ fries are that delicious!

Have other fast-food secrets been revealed on TikTok?

@Maezthegreat isn’t the only TikToker to share insight into working in fast-food.

In fact, TikTok has seen hundreds of employees reveal trick-of-the-trade knowledge from the likes of McDonalds, KFC, and Subway!

Back in late 2020, an ex-McDonald’s employee, Michael Ryan, dished unknown facts out on TikTok.

Ryan claimed: “For example, your straw at McDonald’s is larger – do you know why it’s larger? Because it lets more carbonation hit your tongue and makes the soda taste better.”

The ex-employee also alleged: “Their grilled chicken is injected with a salt water mixture to keep it moist but also flavourful.”

The more you know, huh?

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