How to make frozen honey, the viral TikTok trend

When we think of honey, we think of cold-weather comforts — a drizzle on a steaming bowl of oatmeal or a spoonful in a hot cup of tea. Does honey have a place in the warm weather? According to TikTok, yes — in “frozen” form.

It’s a trend that’s going viral this summer for its chilly sweetness: Videos under the hashtag #FrozenHoney have over 220 million collective views.

Davey RZ, one of the first TikTokers to post about the treat, said he was struck with the idea to freeze honey in a bottle and eat it like a popsicle when he came across a video of someone eating a jelly-like frozen substance squeezed from a bottle.

“I tried to look for that recipe and ingredients but I could never find it anywhere,” he told me. “There were no YouTube videos on the recipe and nothing was showing up when I was Googling it.”

The rest … is sweet history.

“I keep my honey in the fridge,” he said. “So when I tried squeezing it out to try and make the jelly, I noticed it had the same effect I saw on YouTube. I threw the bottle of honey in the freezer and boom — I discovered the secret to making frozen honey jelly.”

And this “frozen honey jelly” has boomed across TikTok. Across the app, there are videos of different variations on the trend, from vibrant versions dyed with food coloring to sweet treats made by switching out honey for corn syrup and adding flavoring like powdered drink mix.

Wanting to be true to Davey RZ’s methods, I tried the “frozen” honey trend at home, adding honey straight from my bear squeeze bottle to a small plastic water bottle and tossing it in the freezer for a few hours.

When it was time to squeeze the honey up from the bottle, I was surprised at how hard it was to get the cold, sticky substance moving upward.

My attempt at “frozen” honey, fresh from my freezer.Terri Peters

“You have to bang it on the counter to loosen it up,” said my tween daughter, who has apparently been studying the trend on TikTok for weeks.

She was right: Once I gave the bottle a few taps on my countertop, it was much easier to squeeze.

I must admit, once I bit into the frozen honey, I … didn’t get it? It was cold honey, and not completely frozen, just thicker and more chilled.

My tween, however, was in love.

“It’s a honey popsicle,” she said, before running off to her room to finish eating it.

I gladly relinquished control of the not-actually-frozen honey to my kid. It’s definitely not a trend I’m into. But you do you, TikTok.

Davey RZ said he loves frozen honey for a few reasons.

“I love its golden transparent color,” he said. “And it tastes pretty good cold.”