Independence Day 2021: 10 Tricolour Recipes To Celebrate The Weekend

Independence Day 2021: 10 Tricolour Recipes To Celebrate The Weekend

Holiday is all about good food and good vibes. So, why not following the same tradition on our national holidays? This Independence Day, make some scrumptious dishes and make the day a delicious affair. It’s even better if you choose to add a tricolour twist to your dishes. Not sure how to do that? Just go through this list of recipes to see an array of tricolour dishes that you can make at home. Most of them are easy and need only a few tweaks. Here’s the list of tricolour recipes to relish on the 75th Independence Day of India. 

Independence Day 2021: 10 Tricolour Recipes For You: 

1.Tricolour Kiwi Motichoor Parfait

Dress kiwi with powder sugar to make the base layer. Add a cheese mixture over it and top it with boondi in a glass jar. The perfect tricolour parfait is ready to relish.


2.Tricolour Vegetable Dumplings

Soft dumplings are a delicacy to relish. Turn them colourful by adding carrot paste and spinach paste to the dough. Steam the stuffed dumplings and enjoy a tricolour platter.

3.Tricolour Pasta

Italian in taste but Indian in spirit, that’s what this dish is. Toss broccoli, carrots and onions. Add boiled penne pasta to this, sprinkle cheese and serve hot. Mamma Mia.


4.Tricolour Pizza

Another Italian dish is on our list. This pizza looks delectable in a tricolour dressing. For the colours, spread carrots, capsicum and black olives over a cheesy layer.

5.Tricolour Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are a winsome dessert that can look better when given the touch of tricolour. Add edible food colouring to retain the classic taste while making kids drool over the looks.

6.Tricolour Salad

This has to be the easiest yet healthiest choice on this list. It’s a salad freak’s delight with a colourful mix of carrots, green papaya, cucumber, mint and toasted peanuts. For the dressing, choose honey, vinegar and soy sauce.


7.Tricolour Paratha

This paratha recipe can be fun. Make the colourful doughs by adding carrots and spinach to them. That heightens their health factor and makes them more delicious.

8.Tricolour Thai Fruit Jelly

Want a sweet and tangy treat on Independence Day? Make this Thai jelly in tricolour. It’s super healthy with coconut milk, orange juice, lychee juice and kiwi slices.

9.Trio Of Mousse

This cup of mousse is a paradise for dessert fans. The creamy and chocolaty flavours get a boost from range puree and kiwi puree.


10.Tricolour Dhokla

You can easily cook this Gujarati dish and add a twist of tricolour to it. This sooji or semolina based dhokla recipe is as healthy as it is tasty.

Your Independence Day food platter is sorted with this list. Enjoy it with family and friends.

Happy Independence Day 2021, everyone!