Jalebi Pizza, Aloo Jalebi And More: 5 Recipes To Give A Unique Makeover To Regular Jalebi

Jalebi Pizza, Aloo Jalebi And More: 5 Recipes To Give A Unique Makeover To Regular Jalebi

Who doesn’t love jalebi? The thought of biting into a crispy and juicy piece of sweet jalebi makes the entire country slurp. Jalebi is just that good! It is why the love for jalebi has passed on through generations and everyone embraced it with open arms. While many people are content and satisfied with the classic way of eating jalebi, others experiment with this classic dish to make it fun and unique. If you too are planning to experiment with jalebi and want to test your culinary skills, then we have some delicious recipes for you to try.

Unique Dessert Recipes: Here Are 5 Jalebi Recipes For You:

Jalebi And Rabri Pizza

Jalebi And Rabri Pizza:

The thought of a jalebi pizza might not seem so good to some people. But trust us, it tastes delicious! In fact, this unique pizza will give a pleasant and sweet surprise to your palate. Jalebi and Rabri Pizza is a fusion dessert that gives you the best of both the worlds. The pizza base is layered with rabri, jalebi and dry fruits, resulting in a sweet and crunchy dessert. Click here for the full recipe of Jalebi and Rabri Pizza

Chukender Ki Jalebi:

Yes! This recipe is made with chukender and it tastes delicious! The chukender ki jalebi recipe is a healthier alternative that uses beetroot and white urad dal to make crispy and sweet jalebis. The best part about this recipe is that you won’t even understand the difference between classic jalebi and chukender jalebi! Click here for the full recipe of chukender ki jalebi.

Apple Jalebi With Gulab Ice-Cream

Apple Jalebi With Gulab Ice Cream:

Another healthy jalebi recipe, this apple jalebi and gulab ice-cream recipe will allow you to cheat on your diet without feeling guilty. The recipe uses actual apples rather than maida to create the sweet and crispy jalebis that we know and love. Click here for the full recipe of apple jalebi with gulab ice cream.

Aloo Jalebi:

If you ever wonder whether a vegetable could be a dessert, then you are at the right place! We have found a way to turn our favourite aloo into favourite jalebi.  The secret to this recipe, besides aloo, is the use of curd. Click here for the full recipe of aloo jalebi.

Jalebi with Fennel Yogurt Pudding

Jalebi Pudding:

If you are looking to give a unique twist to an Indian dessert, then we have the perfect recipe for you. This jalebi and fennel yogurt pudding recipe will result in an exotic dish to impress your friends and family.  Click here for the full recipe of jalebi pudding.

It is time to get cooking! Try these recipe and let us know how you liked them.