Move Over Regular Paratha, Try These 7 Unique Recipes Instead

Move Over Regular Paratha, Try These 7 Unique Recipes Instead

Paratha, or the humble Indian flatbread, complements almost every dish and can be had for any meal. Crispy and chewy with flaky layers, parathas are so versatile that you can have them to finish up a delicious curry, pair with chutney, a bowl of yogurt, or even pickles. It is the true definition of comfort food for most Indians. And the best part is that you can keep experimenting with paratha so that it isn’t the same old fare every other day. Simply stuff it up — think lentils, herbs, meat, egg or cheese, and you have a new paratha on your plate every single time.

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Here are 7 unique paratha recipes that you can try:

1) Sattu Paratha

The classic paratha can never get old but here’s a better version. Make a dough of wheat flour with oats and sprouted wheat. For the filling, add sattu, onions, chillies, ajwain, achari paste, oil and spices. Roll out, cook on tawa and serve hot.


Sattu paratha is the go-to breakfast in areas like Bihar and UP

2) Methi Paratha

This one is a popular choice, thanks to the goodness of methi or fenugreek leaves, which lower the risks of heart diseases and diabetes. Mix all ingredients in the dough and fry them like chapatis.

3) Chicken Paratha

For a die-hard chicken fan, this is the go-to paratha. Inside the golden fried dough is a delectable filling of shredded and cooked chicken, onions, chillies and coriander. Serve it with a delicious chutney or curd.


Crispy flaky paratha stuffed with juicy chicken is definitely one meal you shouldn’t miss

4) Keema Paratha

Juicy minced mutton is the key ingredient of this recipe. Cook the mutton with onions, ginger, garlic and other spices till it dries but is still moist. Stuff the filling into the dough and seal the ends to fry them till golden. Serve with raita.

5) Achari Paneer Paratha

This is a special dish for vegetarians. For the stuffing, use grated paneer, chopped ginger, garlic and a spoonful of mixed achar. Fry the stuffed dough on medium to high flame and relish an unforgettable dish.


The tangy taste of achaari paneer makes every bite of this paratha an explosion of flavours

6) Broccoli Paratha

This dish is healthy as well as tasty. With the goodness of multigrain flour, oat flour, quinoa flour, broccoli, potatoes, carom seeds and cumin powder, this one is a sure winner in the healthy paratha race.

7) Mughlai Paratha

This popular Bengali street food is an easy and quick recipe. Egg filling in the centre of a flaky flat bread, who wouldn’t crave this advanced version of the usual paratha and omelette? Pairs best with mustard sauce and some onion slices.


The Mughlai paratha is stuffed with meat and makes for a heavy and rich meal

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While plain parantha is the staple at home, give them a twist with these recipes to lift up the mood at the dining table.