Quick Recipes: Make Delicious North Indian Breakfast Meals In Just 30 Minutes

Quick Recipes: Make Delicious North Indian Breakfast Meals In Just 30 Minutes

On most days, we are living our lives in the fast lane. We are always up to some work or activity, often multitasking or jumping between places. In such a routine, cooking and having meals can become a cumbersome task when other scheduled activities close in on us. Mornings can get especially hectic and working from home doesn’t reduce the time constraint we face in the kitchen every morning. In the mornings, we want to cook something filling and tasty but often get bogged down by the time it takes to cook elaborate breakfast platters. But we have a few hacks. The North Indian recipes mentioned below take less than 30 minutes to cook. They are not only filling but taste delicious on the breakfast table.

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1.Sooji Besan Chilla

This quick and easy recipe requires sooji, besan, curd, onions, tomatoes and chillies. Make the batter, fry them in sheets and we have a scrumptious breakfast ready in minutes. Serve it hot and have it with your favourite chutney.


Make a simple cheela

2.Oatmeal Poha

Give the regular poha a healthy twist by making it with oatmeal. Don’t worry, it still takes less than half an hour to cook. Add spices and crunchy nuts to make it a perfect balance of taste, texture and health.


Make a nutritious poha

3.Masala Omelette

Have it with bread, roti or just by itself. The masala omelette can be a delectable and filling meal for the morning. Make it a delightful burst of flavours by adding butter and different vegetables to it. Don’t forget the spices.

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This will give a burst of flavours

4.Bread Pakora

This mouth-watering snack can make for a perfect breakfast. It is crisp on the outside and tastes heavenly on the inside with potato filling and spices. The paneer makes it a plate to relish. Enjoy these fried treats with green chutney or tomato sauce and make your breakfast an unforgettable meal.

bread pakora

This snack is easy to make

5.Anda Bhurji

This is the simplest yet one of the yummiest items on the list. This Indian form of scrambled eggs is an appetising treat for any egg lover out there. It’s quick, easy and fun to make. You can throw in pav bhaji masala among other spices and throw in coriander for added flavour.

 Here’s your solution to a quick and easy breakfast. Now, what are you waiting for?