Slow Food Travel reaches new destinations in Switzerland

Slow Food Travel reaches new destinations in Switzerland

The Dents du Midi region in Switzerland joins the already active destinations in Canton Vallais.

After Carinthia – Alpe Adria in Austria, the Upper Tanaro Valley and the Biella mountains in Italy, the Dents du Midi region, with its rich pastoral activity and a unique gastronomic terroir, joins the other destinations already active in Canton Vallais, Grand Etremont and Fully.

Slow Food Travel – a model for truly sustainable tourism

One of the more recent projects of Slow Food, Slow Food Travel brings together various different actors and offers a travel proposal enriched by the wealth of knowledge and experience of the Slow Food network. The challenge is to create a new model of tourism that on the one hand favors local communities that see their cultural and territorial heritage enhanced, and on the other allows the tourist/traveler to experience discovering the origins and varieties of local foods and cultures.

As Michele Rumiz, head of the international project, explains: “Behind every travel destination there are stories, traditions, flavors and skills that people have built and preserved for centuries, creating long-standing local cultures and identities. Food experiences are an integral part of the tourism experience, but it is not always possible to capture the authenticity of local cultures. Each Slow Food Travel tour allows us to discover products, places of production and landscapes in direct contact with producers, chefs and hosts who truly value their cultures.”

The Dents du Midi Region

Facing the rich pastures of the verdant Val d’Illiez, seven steep alpine peaks make up the Dents du Midi. Shoring up the landscape are six charming villages known for a vital and ancient tradition of cheese-making. Bordering Haute-Savoie, Portes du Soleil offers beauty, tranquility and relaxation all year round thanks to its hiking trails, relaxing walks, cycling and skiing.

Part of the gastronomic heritage of the region is the Salée of Val d’Illiez. It is a leavened dough covered with a filling – sablé – made of butter, flour and cinnamon.  Apples, pears, rhubarb or white wine can commonly be added to the basic recipe. A taste of this dessert that has already boarded the Ark of Taste is served at breakfast by all operators who have joined Slow Food Travel.

The Dents du Midi Région is also developing products and events to complement the destination’s summer program. For example, excursions such as “Discovering our mountain pastures by E-bike” or “Trail Gourmand” guests can visit the charming Vallée d’Illiez to meet the producers and artisans of this fabulous gastronomic heritage.

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The Slow Food Travel project includes training activities, product promotion, educational and communication tools, and involves producers, farmers, artisans, chefs and owners of restaurants, hotels and farms are involved along with institutions and other civil society organizations (tourist offices, eco-museums, cultural associations).

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