Taco Bell releases photos of futuristic drive-thru concept

Taco Bell releases photos of futuristic drive-thru concept

Taco bout the future of fast food!

Taco Bell unveiled renderings of its latest drive-thru concept — which features an elevated kitchen and “gravity-defying” food delivery system.

The high-tech takeout spots will use a “proprietary lift system” to pass food from the 3,000 square-foot kitchen to the four drive-thru lanes sitting below, the California-based chain said in a news release Thursday.

The fast-food joint will break ground on the first of the new restaurants in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota later this month. Its set to be open to the public by next summer.

Three of the lanes will be dedicated to those who order ahead on a mobile app, which the company said will enable customers to start binging on bean burritos faster.

Customers will scan digital screens with a QR code on their phone before pulling up to grab their orders in the sleek sci-fi setting.

The goal of the new Taco Bell Defy concept is to get diners-on-the-go back on the road quickly — and without any interpersonal interaction.

“The design strategically blends technology and design to deliver the convenience of fast, craveable food without many of the challenges of traditional drive-thrus,” said Michael Strommen, CEO of PD Instore, a design company working on the project.