Kraft discontinues fat free mayo

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If you’re someone who “watches what you eat,” it’s important not to deny yourself the foods you crave by replacing them with a pale imitation of what you actually desire. Speaking from experience, that tactic only builds resentment toward the lower-calorie or otherwise “healthier” alternatives, rather than leaving you feeling satisfied with the swap. Nothing illustrates the gulf between regular and fat-free foods better than mayonnaise, a condiment that exists to add fattiness to food but whose fat-free iteration has somehow been allowed to proliferate for the last several decades. Today, Kraft Mayo says no more. Today, Kraft has issued a “mayo culpa” as it declares that its Fat Free Mayo will be discontinued forever.

(Yes, the above tweet that presents the mayo cancellation as a breakup text is the extent of the company’s public announcement on this matter. I checked with Kraft. No official press release is forthcoming—the tweet says it all.)

In an email to The Takeout, reps for Kraft explained that its fat free mayo simply falls short of its standards for what makes a good mayonnaise, a fact that many consumers have pointed out over the years. The decision to retire the product entirely is one that the company is quick to emphasize it did not take lightly, despite the fact that some customers might be disappointed. (Please, try to point me toward a single customer who will be disappointed.) An email on behalf of Kraft also

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Kraft discontinues fat-free mayo in ‘mayo culpa’

Kraft will no longer sell its fat-free mayo, after deciding that it doesn’t live up to the company standards.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, the brand shared a mock breakup text conversation to make the announcement.

“sooooo i’m officially done selling fat-free mayo. i mean it, i’m done,” the company’s Twitter account posted. “instead i’m gonna put my energy into making us the mayo of mayonnaise like i’ve always wanted. consider this my mayo culpa.”

A mock text conversation shared by @RealKraftMayo.Courtesy Kraft

They added that Kraft owes “it to my mayo lovers bc we deserve nothing less than velvety smooth mayo in our fridges.”

In a statement to TODAY Food, a brand spokesperson confirmed the news.

“We at Kraft are passionate about mayo and unfortunately our fat free variety just doesn’t live up to our standards for what Mayo should be,” they said. “We know some people are going to be disappointed, and we didn’t make this decision lightly but in our heart of hearts, we know it’s what’s best for mayo lovers across the country.”

The company still has several varieties of reduced-fat mayonnaise, though. Consuming reduced- or fat-free dairy products and limiting portions (rather than complete avoidance) of full-fat dairy foods is an effective way to limit saturated (artery-clogging) fat intake, according to NBC health and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom.

The spokesperson added that Kraft had “jumped on the bandwagon” of the fat-free trend in the early 1990s but “over the years we

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