Travel back in time with these food favourites from the 1990’s in the UAE

Travel back in time with these food favourites from the 1990’s in the UAE
A memory to cherish, a story to tell and a food item to never give up on … bites of the past that evoke an emotion
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Dubai: Do you remember a time when you were so tired after school, only to find yourself in the company of more textbooks, tuitions and homework? And to actually take a break, you went down to the nearby grocery store to find yourself lured into the snack section to find yourself in better company of favourite drinks and crisps?

Those were the days, weren’t they? But hey, most of it hasn’t gone out of popularity even today. After all these years, some of them still stand as a testament to our childhood in the UAE and this is also the easiest (and happiest) way you can travel back in time …

And like most children, our favourites were chips, chocolates and fruit juices. Even mini cheese pizza. Also, jellies … it’s hard to make a decision!

1. Chips

While these fried favourites have taken a different form over the years, it’s hard to resist when a packet of chips is opened right in front of your eyes. From using cone-shaped chips as claws, to eating melt-in-your-mouth puffy chips, to eating the last crumb of chips, we’ve all kind of grown up, haven’t we?

Although their looks have changed over the years, it’s always found its way into a shopping cart one craving after another. 

2. Chocolates

Whether it was back then or right now, chocolates are never compromised on. Dunk a wafer stick in a chocolate spread, or eat it as a energy bar, or sip it right out of the packet, these chocolates have a different story among many.

3. Drinks

After spending long hours under the scorching sun playing volleyball or cricket, you rush to the nearest grocery store to ask for something other than water. A fruit drink, a fizzy drink, a milk-based refreshment, the list goes on and on … how can one ever pick a favourite? 

4. Biscuits

Every 90’s kid remembers the cookie box, which was never thrown away, but used as a storage for accessories or as a sewing kit. If not, maybe it’s tucked away somewhere in the house with another purpose to serve. But the point is, it simply cannot be discarded until it has served its time, right?

But other than this, there are also fan favourites that include chocolate filling or dips.

5. Everything else that we all simply loved

From mini cheese pizza, to jellies, to sour candy, and more … we’ve always managed to find ourselves reminiscing about the past. 

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