‘Yikes’: Surat food stall’s Fanta omelette leaves foodies wondering ‘why’

‘Yikes’: Surat food stall’s Fanta omelette leaves foodies wondering ‘why’

While there is no dearth of delicious recipes on the internet, every now and then people come across some bizarre food that leaves them feeling squeamish. Latest to join the list is ‘Fanta Omelette’, which has left foodies confused online.

Yes, at a street food stall in Gujarat, someone has whipped up an egg recipe using the tangy aerated drink. Reason? Well, the chef and joint owner attribute it to “public demand”.

Known as ‘Fanta Fry’, the sweet-and-spicy rendition of the egg dish — made with both sunny-side-up and boiled eggs — comes at a not so cheap price of Rs 250 per plate.

The recipe went viral, after a popular YouTube channel Food Blogger, Indian Eat Mania, featured the Surat eatery in its latest episode.


In case you’re not a fan of the orange drink, the food stall owner informed that they also have other options like: ThumsUp Fry, Limca Fry dishes.

Served with pav (bread), the eggs are paired with a gravy made up of the soda drink along with spices, mashed potatoes and green chutney. The omelette is then garnished with loads of cheese and served hot with the remaining soda on the side!

For all curious folks, the food blogger tasted the unusual dish and dubbed it as decent.

However, those watching the video online, were mostly far from impressed. They took to Twitter to express their shock and dismay over the dish. Even food delivery companies, like Swiggy, tweeted about the same.